About Us

1957 – “Woods Beer Store” located in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI was purchased by William and Louise Matouk. The store had a unique drive-in where customers could pull through a covered garage to purchase their beer and soda pop.

1972 – Woods receives a liquor license and the store name is changed to “Woods Drive-In Party Store”. At this time, William and Louise's son William (Bill) starts helping his parents at the store.

1989 – Wood’s changes it’s name to “Woods Fine Wine & Spirits” moving into the fine wine business.

1995 – Wood’s builds it's first humidor to offer a selection of premium cigars.

2002 – To combat competition from big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, “Woods Fine Wine & Spirits” becomes “Woods Wholesale Wine”. Through under cutting prices of the big box retailers and still providing outstanding customer service.

2003 – Woods goes online to expand it's great service worldwide.

2008 – Woods Wholesale Wine expands and renovates it's current location. The drive-in is removed, a non-metered rear parking lot is added, an upward expansion is made for offices and a climate-controlled warehouse for optimal wine storage is built. 

Today – Bill Matouk, along with his children, sister and staff, continue to provide the same quality customer service that William and Louise Matouk began nearly 60 years ago. Many locals are third generation customers whose families have been loyal patrons of Woods Wholesale Wine throughout the decades. Woods continues to support local community-based charitable events.