Easy Cranberry White Wine Spritzer

cranberry spritz in glasses


A little sweet, a little tart, a pop of color - what's not to love? Try out this easy cranberry white wine spritzer (we recommend using Starborough Sauvignon Blanc) to liven up your Friday night soirées and Sunday brunches. Cheers!


What you'll need:
- 3 parts white wine (Starborough Sauvignon Blanc recommended)
- 1 part cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail
- 1 part club soda
- whole fresh cranberries (garnish, optional)
- mint, rosemary, or basil (garnish, optional)

How to do it:
1. Mix white wine and cranberry juice in pitcher or serving bowl
2. When ready to serve, fill a tall cocktail glass half full with ice, splash a little (or a lottle, it's your cocktail) club soda, pour in pre-mixed white wine cranberry blend.
3. For added pizzaz, garnish with whole fresh or frozen cranberries, mint, basil, or rosemary
4. Feel free to liven it up even more with a topper of your favorite cranberry, cherry, or pomegranate liqueur!