How to Create Your Free Personalized Wine Label with Chateau Souverain

Whether it's for party gifts, or simply adding a personal touch to your home wine collection, Chateau Souverain is here to make your wine experience uniquely yours.

Follow this step by step guide to creating your free, personalized wine labels!

Step 1 - Get Your Party Supplies


We at Woods carry the complete Chateau Souverain line-up.  Add your favorites to your cart, and complete your purchase.

Step 2 - Head Over to Chateau Souverain's Label Maker Hub


Once you've processed your order, go to, verify that you're old enough to party, and click on "Get Started".

Step 3 - Select Your Varietal


Click on the bottle that matches the varietal you purchased (yes, you can only make one label at a time, but the end result is totally worth it).

Step 4 - Name Your Chateau


Type whatever you want in the text box. Your name, your business, your favorite day of the week, your favorite pizza topping - the choice is yours. Click Continue.

Step 5 - Get it Shipped


Fill out your name, address, and email. Make sure to also check off the "Terms and Conditions" box, and select whether you would like to receive awesome promo emails from Chateau Souverain. Click Submit.

Step 6 - Repeat as Needed


Click anywhere, and be presented with a lovely preview of your awesome new label. Use the icons on the left to share with friends, or click "Order Another Label" on the right to make as many as you need. In 1-2 weeks, your personalized labels will be delivered to your door.

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